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Computers to Students

Our school empowers students with technology by providing two Chromebooks per student, ensuring access to the latest tools for academic excellence and a bright future.


Teacher to Student Ratio in TK (Transitional Kindergarten)

Welcome to Transitional Kindergarten: where a 1:12 ratio means personalized attention, nurturing curiosity, and unlocking potential.




Instructional Specialist 

Our Instructional Specialist will provide our teachers with unwavering instructional support and coaching to ensure that every student reaches their academic potential.


Instructional Aides

Instructional aides assist teachers by supporting classroom activities, aiding students, helping with lessons, and handling administrative tasks.


Intervention Teachers

Our specialized teachers provide one-on-one support to students who experience difficulties in the classroom. They leverage their background in special education to create customized education plans that effectively address each student's unique challenges.



We prioritize our students' well-being with two full-time on-site counselors dedicated to helping them navigate any challenges they may face, both academically and personally.


Behavior Aides

Our competent behavior aides are here to offer unwavering support to students who are grappling with behavior issues. By working together, we can help students overcome these challenges and achieve their full potential.



The school psychologist supports students' development through counseling, assessments, and behavior management, collaborating with teachers, parents, and professionals for a comprehensive approach to wellbeing.


Instructional Aide

An instructional aide supports teachers by preparing lessons, assisting students, and enforcing school rules. Some aides specialize in working with students with special needs.


Health Assistants

Our Health Assistants maintain accurate medical records for students and provide expert guidance and support to families.


Classroom Teachers

Our teachers go above and beyond to ensure their students thrive both in and out of the classroom.


Preschool Teachers

Preschool teachers lead activities, promote development in various areas, assess progress, communicate with parents, and collaborate with colleagues to support children's growth.


Physical Education Teacher

This teacher teaches exercise and health classes, evaluates students using exams, assignments, tests, and activities, and addresses behavioral issues.


Special Education Classrooms

Special education offers personalized support and accommodations for students with diverse learning needs, including disabilities such as intellectual, learning, physical, and emotional disorders, ensuring they receive an education tailored to their abilities and potential.


Social Worker

A school social worker provides counseling and support services to students inside a school setting. They work with children, parents, teachers, school administrators, and the wider community to support the mental and emotional health needs of students and their families.



Our librarian manages collections, promotes reading, teaches research skills, supports teachers, conducts library lessons, leads story time, organizes events, maintains the library space, encourages digital literacy, and collaborates with families to foster a love for reading and learning.



Our school has 576 students and 38% are EL (English Learner) students 

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Programs at Washington

Explore our programs to learn more about Bellflower Washington's mission to build bright futures for our students.

Mission & Philosophy

Welcome to Washington Elementary School.  We invite you to join us in our commitment to providing an environment of educational excellence.

A child's journey through school requires dedication from the parents, child, and the learning community (school).  For the journey to be a success, parents must support the importance of life-long learning.  We are excited o have you as a part of our school team and look forward to a most productive year.